Landing Bag training facility in Ruka

Ruka Park is going to have the Landing Bag  by Bagjump again this season 2019-2020. Landingbag that is almost the size of a hockey ring (20 x 50 metres). A unique opportunity to take big air and slope style practices to the next level!
Bagjump Landing Bag  will most likely be opened on october 7th, 2019. Landing bag can be booked for training groups from Sunday to Tuesday and from Thursday to Friday between 10 am and 6 pm.
For training groups, the Landing Bag price is 40 € / person / day
€ 40 does not include a lift ticket (each athlete must also have a valid ski pass)
The duration of the training slot is 2 h, and one slot can fit 25 athletes 
The daily rate includes two training slots
Minimum of 4 athletes / reservation. If you want to book Landing Bag for private use, the price is calculated by 25 people
Coaches are in charge of supervision
The rules / discharge form must be signed before the training slot and
the name list of athletes should be sent to the sales office. Please send signed forms and name lists to sales office minimum two working days prior to your landing bag training day.
Dimensions of Landing Bag: 20 x 50 m
Size of the jump: approximately 18 metres, can vary during the spring
Upload the terms & conditions for landing bag
Book training slots for Landing Bag via our sales office: 


Public training slots for season 2019-2020 will be announced later.

 Capacity: Max 25 persons / shift.
Price for public training slots: 45 € / person. Please also reserve 5 € deposit for the sleeve band for riders.

Booking for the public training slot must be done beforehand, latest on the preceding day before 3 PM. Note that your booking is not confirmed until you get confirmation letter.

Please note, that all riders jumping on the landing bag must also have a valid ski pass.

Note! All riders / skiers under 18 years using the landing bag must have signed permission from their legal guardian. 

Matti Suur-Hamari x Ruka


Track booking for alpine skiing and snowboarding in Ruka Ski Resort

Slope bookings are possible for: Front slope 2, FIS-slope 4, Pessari 11, Saarua 12, Masto 35 and in some cases Vuosseli 24. No other slopes can be booked for training purposes. Please notice that slope bookings are not possible at all when slopes are reserved for public use.

When looking down the slope, track A is on the left side and track B on the right side of the slope, track C is in between A and B.

Inquiries and reservations by email: or by telephone +358 400 290 438 (mon-fri 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.).

Reservations should be done at least two days in advance. The information needed for a reservation is date and time, name of the team, name of the coach and his/her phone number, size of the training group, ages of the trainers and the discipline (SL/GS).

Reservation and cancellation terms for track bookings

Ski passes and accommodation

RukaBooking (, puh. +358 8 8600 300) will book ski passes for your training group for special price.  Ski passes with special training prices can be made ready and collected either from Piste or Vuosselinportti rental shops. RukaBooking also helps You with booking meals and accommodation for training groups. See more information about the Ski-Inn apartments in

Equipment maintenance

From Ruka Ski Inn accommodation You will find maintenance rooms for skis and snowboards that are suited for big groups as well. If you are staying in Ruka Village, we recommend using the maintenace tables located in Ruka parking hall. There are also maintenance rooms in AurinkoRinne and MastonAitio accommodations.  

Please note that waxing your equipment or leaving them in the corridors is strictly forbidden.

Ski Service at Piste Rental Shop

Piste Rental Shop and ski service help you to find the best possible conditions for your equipments. We provide services for alpine skis, telemark skis, cross country skis and snowboards.

See more about the services

Equipment storage at Ruka

We offer storage space for slalom sticks and other equipment in Vuosseli maintenance hall, address: Vuosselintie 17. Storage space is limited and it is filled according to bookings. Inquiries and bookings primarily via e-mail:

Salt orders

During soft spring snow, it is possible for training groups to order salt for the maintenance of the track. The price of the salt bucket is 15 € and the price includes the transport to the top of the slope reserved for training. All salt orders through Piste's ticket sales, tel. +358 400 101 605 or

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