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Rukakeskus Ltd company introduction

Family business already in second generation

Rukakeskus Corporation is family business, which has been in charge of slope operations of Ruka ski resort since 1973 and Pyhä ski resort since 1987. It’s one of the leading tourism companies in Finland and the market leader in ski resort industry with nearly 20% share of ski pass sales. The companies operate in international and year-round tourism centres. Our core competence is slope business but we also operate in accommodation, slope restaurant, rental shop and store businesses in both Ruka and Pyhä. Our turnover is approx. EUR 26 million and we employ about 200 people.

Subsidiaries of Rukakeskus Ltd are Pyhätunturi Ltd, which is in charge of Pyhä ski resort’s slope services and side operations as well as TuottoOmistus Ltd, which is in charge of renting and maintaining TuottoOmistus apartments at Ruka and Pyhä. The companies are owned by Aho family, whose Aho Group was selected the Family Business of the Year 2008 in Finland. The Finnish Ski Area Association rewarded Ruka as Ski Resort of the Year 2014 and Ruka was rewarded as Finland’s Best Ski Resort on World Ski Awards 2014.

Rukakeskus Corporation is part of Aho Group

Rukakeskus Ltd and Pyhätunturi Ltd are family-owned businesses of Doctor Juhani Aho’s family. In 1999 the ownership of the companies was equally transferred to Juhani’s children: Kari Jussi Aho, Miia Porkkala, Annakaija Lappalainen, Antti Aho and Ville Aho. The second generation’s objective is to further develop companies’ operations as well as transfer the group of companies to the third generation and preserving it as a family business.

Rukakeskus Ltd and Pyhätunturi Ltd together form a ski resort corporation, which CEO is Ville Aho. Parts of the corporation are also TuottoOmistus Ltd, which is in charge renting privately owned Ski-Inn apartments, Central Booking office PyhäBooking Ltd, which operates as central booking office for cabins at Pyhä area as well as Hotel Pyhätunturi, which is in charge of Pyhä’s hotel business. On 1st of October 2014 the restaurant operations of Ruka and Pyhä were transferred to Tunturimax Ltd, of which Rukakeskus Ltd owns 35 % and Restamax Plc owns 65 %. In addition to Rukakeskus Ltd Aho family owns Aava Medical Center, which CEO is Antti Aho. Together the companies are known as Aho Group, which CEO is Tuomo Purola. The companies’ management and administration is located in Espoo.