Ruka village has comprehensive services and slopes have wide opening hours, which makes day trips to the resort possible. Additionally, we will customise the day program for you! Welcome for a day trip to Ruka for instance from Oulu or Rovaniemi! Send us a request of offer or contact us: RukaBooking tel. +358 10 382 5222,

Ski passes for a group price

We offer special priced ski passes for groups, which is why it is convenient to hit the slopes with a bigger group. When the group consists of at least 15 people, you will ski with more affordable group prices. Group ski passes need to be ordered as a preorder: RukaBooking tel. +358 10 382 5222,

An option is also RukaPyhä advance day tickets. The requirement is to order a minimum of 30 tickets per order to receive the special prices. The tickets are valid in Ruka and Pyhä for the whole ski season. All advance day tickets are uploaded on a disposable keycard and the ticket activates in the first gate ski pass reader. Delivery time for advance day tickets is 3–4 business days. Companies and communities have the option for a later billing period. Unused tickets cannot be returned / traded after the season has ended. Preorders: RukaBooking tel. +358 10 382 5222,

Program and activities during the winter

Ruka is one of the most popular ski resorts in Finland and the season is active from October until May. Besides downhill skiing, Ruka offers a lot of other activities – around the year. These activities include for instance cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and taking a scenic lift ride to the top of the fell to enjoy the beautiful wintery landscape. Ruka's ski school offers group lessons in alpine skiing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing. There are additionally a lot of different activities on the slopes. Night skiing is organised on Friday nights and other nights you can enjoy snow racing on the slopes.

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Program and activities during the summer

During the summer time, Ruka and Kuusamo's gorgeous verdant nature offer many activities. Ruka is surrounded with three national parks and there are many hiking trails to enjoy in Oulanka national park, Hossa national park and Riisitunturi national park – One of the most famous being the Karhunkierros hiking trail. Groups can for instance conquer the highest forested hill, Valtavaara or enjoy racing and excitement by mountain biking or rafting down the Kitkajoki river. One of the most popular activity during the summer season is the summer sled track and Village-2-Valley gondola takes you to a trip crossing the fell. Ruka village offers also other activities. Kaltiolampi pond is planted with salmon for fishers or you can rent clubs and frisbees and play either minigolf or frisbeegolf. 

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Bus parking in Ruka

Buses have parking spots in Ruka, both in the Ruka village and in Ruka valley. By Rukankyläntie, in the parking lot next to the taxi station and Ruka conference center (Hiihtostadionintie 1) is a few bus parking spots but during high seasons we recommend buses to drop customers in the Ruka village turning circle (Rukankyläntie and Rukatunturintie) and to park the buses ie. on a parking lot close to Ruka ski stadion. There are additionally bigger parking spots In Vuosseli, next to Vuosselinportti rental shop (Vuosselintie 21), next to hotel RukaValley (Ahon Jussintie 1) and Saarua (Ahon Jussintie 7) however these are not official bus parking spots. You can familiarize with all of the parking spots here>