Freestyle center’s BatteryRun moguls and jump place

The Freestyle center, located on Ruka front slopes, includes BatteryRun moguls as well as a separate jump place next to the moguls run. Many athletes train and compete on these world-class settings as they meet the international standards.

The BatteryRun moguls slope is 225 meters long with an elevation of 106 meters: the steepness is 53% i.e. 29 degrees. BatteryRun moguls are open throughout the winter at least on one side of the slope expect during the few days when the slope is under maintenance. A glance at the moguls from the top brings respect for the athletes. The separate jump places are located next to the moguls near Kaltiolampi pond.

Comprehensive services nearby

You can easily follow jump as well as mogul competitions from Kaltiolampi pond or on Piste terrace. All the services of Ruka village are right next to the Freestyle center.

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