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Ruka - GUARANTEED Snow Cover!

Only the European glaciers beat Ruka in the race of opening for winter season during. Ruka has never been forced to shut down prematurely due to lack of snow, so we can proudly call ourselves the most certain choice for skiing in Europe!

The ski season 2013-2014 opened on 19th of October and is expected to last until 11th of May. The previous ski season lasted for 230 days ending on 9th of June as the Summer Slope was open for the last time.

Below you can find Ruka's track record for past 20 years: 

The secret to this accomplishment lies in the climate, as well as in the high-quality snowmaking machinery - not to forget the snow-how! Over 90 snowguns in Ruka produce 1,250 square metres of snow in an hour at full capacity. in good conditions this means the first slope, Saarua number 12, can be opened after a bit over 24 hours of snowmaking. 

Efficient snowmaking assures an early start and late springtime skiing, too. The summer skiing season 2012 in Saarua lasted until June 9th!   

Let it snow!

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