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keskitaso 12 Saarua 550m illuminated G Saarua 3 chair 553 m 3-h tuoli
keskitaso13 Saarua 550m  illuminated H Saarua 4 chair 532 m 4-h tuoli
keskitaso14 Saarua, Battery Park 600m illuminated I Saarua t-bar 530 m
helppo15 Saarua,
650m illuminated      
helppo 16 Saarua 750m illuminated      

Saarua Hut by the lower lift stations has a picninc area both indoors and out as well as an open fire and toilet facilities.

Saarua is the most popular slope area in Ruka, which is not surprising as these slopes are always in top condition and nicely sheltered by the woods, even on a windy day.

The slopes are easily reached by either a t-bar or one of the chair lifts. BatteryPark is the snowboarders' favourite and no less than the best park in Finland! The park is constantly changing and getting new features like new rails or boxes, which are very well maintained throughout the ski season. Next to BatteryPark is MiniPark, which contains small jumps and easy rails. Together BatteryPark and MiniPark creates a wide park area that consists of different levels of lines and thus serves snowboarders and freeskiers from beginner to experts.

The Masters' chairs
Some chairs on the Saarua 3 person chairlift have been dedicated to succesful skiers from Ruka. To get your own chair you have to have a gold medal from the Olympics, World Championships or the World Cup. Kalle Palander has a red chair, Janne Lahtela has a black and yellow one and the all yellow one belongs to Mikko Ronkainen.

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