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BatteryPark - snowboarders and freeskiiers favourite playground
BatteryPark is the favourite area among most snowboarders and freeskiers who come to Ruka. In this area you find differend levels and sizes of jumps and rails and other fun jibbing obstacles. There are 3 levels of lines: Small, Medium and Big- something for all skill levels!

Safety first!
Check out the boxes before jumping! Choose the line that matches your skills!

BatteryPark lines: (Check links for some videos)
C-press, small funbox or camel style funbox and 6m to 3m jumps
12m to 8m meter jumps + rails
18m to 15m meter jumps + rails

Rail area:
Straight rails, down rails, down-flat-down kink,  kink funbox, spine, fun boxes, S-rail, Flat-down press, RAT-tail, wallride...and many more..:)

After all these obstacles there is one more jump (10m). This jump opens before rest of the park, already around November, and serves all those snowboard and freeski enthusiast who are eager to start their season early.

See you at BatteryPark!
The latest videos and setups can be found BatteryPark (official) Facebook-page, where it's possible to share vibes, pictures, videos and feedback. 

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