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    Temp.:  7.9 °C  Slopes:  0/34   Tracks:  0/204,5 km 

In this page you will see last captures of each web cam. By clicking image you can see last eight images.

Saarua slopes
Camera is located on Saarua slope 13. This slope is opened first, normally in October each year.
Ruka village & front slopes
Camera is located on top of Piste main lodge, towards new Ruka pedestrian Village and front slopes.

20.9.2014 4:51:47

20.9.2014 4:51:37
Ruka Top
Camera is located on the top of Ruka. Camera shows views of the Front slopes and the Vuosseli slopes.
Camera is located on the roof of the Vuosseliportti and it shows views of the Vuosseli slopes. The lift is RukaExpress, a 6 seater detachable with bubbles.

20.9.2014 4:51:08

28.7.2014 13:11:15
Camera is located on the BatteryPark.
BatteryRun mogul slope
BatteryRun is considered the best mogul run in the world by many top freestylers. It hosts World Cup Opening 2014 and in 2005 it hosted also World Championships.

28.7.2014 12:54:19

20.9.2014 4:51:28
New SkiBistro building site
Camera is located near by new SkiBistro building site.

20.9.2014 4:51:06

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