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Track bookings

Slope bookings are possible for: Front slope 2, FIS-slope 4, Pessari 11, Saarua 12, Masto 35 and in some cases Vuosseli 24. No other slopes can be booked for training purposes! Please notice that slope bookings are not possible at all when slopes are reserved for public use!

When looking down the slope, track A is on the left side and track B on the right side of the slope, track C is in between A and B.

Inquiries and reservations by email: or by telephone +358 400 290 438 (mon-fri 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.).

Reservations should be done at least two days in advance! The information needed for a reservation is date and time, name of the team, name of the coach and his/her phone number, size of the training group, ages of the trainers and the discipline (SL/GS).

Salt ordering

If your team needs a salt for hardening the track, salt can be ordened via e-mail address. Price for one bucket is 15 euros (approx. 15 kilos of salt).

Reserved Track Bookings

Track Booking Calendar

We do not recommend Firefox browser when using the track booking calendar.


Please notice that you can book ski passes in advance from Ruka Sales Service (, tel +358 8 8600 300). Ski passes can be made ready and collected either from Piste or Vuosselinportti ticket sales. Training rates for ski teams. Sales Service can also help you to book meals with training prices and accommodation. Please check Ski-Inn apartments:  

Rukakeskus Oy/Pyhätunturi Py reserves the right for changes! Already confirmed bookings can be changed e.g. due to weather conditions.


  • Reserved track times and rotations can be seen at and, where you can also see the track presentations and the actual track locations on the slopes
  • The slopes are divided into two separate tracks: A (left side from the top) and B (right side from the top). When building slalom (SL) tracks, some slopes can be divided into three tracks when track C is between A and B
  • The track times are usually given for two hours at the time, starting at 9:30 or 10 a.m.
  • Track bookings are limited on the following periods: Ruka/Pyhä Winter Season Official Opening, Independence Day, Christmas and New Year, Weeks 8-10, end of March (in Ruka), Eastern, SpringBreak (in Ruka) and Labour Day.
  • Ruka and Pyhä FIS-slopes are in public use from the slope opening until the Labour Day from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Track bookings are not possible during these hours
  • You can start building the track when your reservation begins. By the time the reservation ends, the slope needs to be free for the next team. If there are no other teams following, the slope needs to be free for public use at the ending time marked in the slope reservation calendar
  • The warning signs needed for track building are found at the upper part of each slope
  • After having ended the training the whole team needs to cover the marks from the track and level all of the ruts  
  • The gates, warning signs and other equipment must to be taken away by the reservation ending time
  • Take other customers into account! Please, give all feedback directly to the personnel
  • The information needed for a reservation is date and time, name of the team, name of the coach and his/her phone number, size of the training group, ages of the trainers and the discipline (SL/GS). The name and the size of the team as well as the name of the coach and his/ her phone number will be visible in our web reservation calendar unless showing the coaches information is not specifically forbidden
  • Tracks are booked for teams in reservation order 


  • The head coach is responsible for building the course on the reserved area and keeping the rest of the slope free
  • Mark the reserved training area on the slope with the board provided
  • All team members and coaches must stay and all equipment must be kept inside the own reserved slope area
  • Dangerous crossings, where it is possible to collide with other skiers, have to be either closed with a net or put under surveillance by a supervisor from the team
  • General slope rules also apply on the tracks and have to be followed:
    • the skier approaching from above is obliged to give way  
    • track reservation does not entitle the skiers to jump the queue
    • skiers on the track must have a valid ski pass which needs to be shown each time at the SkiData reader
  • Each team needs to take up necessary insurances to cover possible injuries
  • SkiPatrol Ruka supervises that these terms are followed. SkiPatrol has the right to cancel track bookings and temporarily withdraw ski passes.

All cancellations must be made in writing at least 7 days before the start of the first reserved track time by email to or If cancellation hasn’t been made in time, Rukakeskus Ltd./ Pyhätunturi Ltd has the right to cancel already booked tracks and withhold future bookings. Cancellation fee for not cancelled track reservations is 200€ and will be invoiced from the team/ coach. 
In case the weather conditions (heavy frost), technical problem at a lift or closing the lift because of hard winds result in the unability to use the reserved track, Rukakeskus Ltd. and Pyhätunturi Ltd. try to arrange a new time and place for training. Rukakeskus and Pyhätunturi Ltd. reserve the right to change the track locations and times if needed.
In case slope rules or practices are violated by the team/ a team member, Rukakeskus Ltd./ Pyhätunturi Ltd. are entitled to cancel track bookings made for the team.
In addition to these terms we follow the terms given by SHKY, Ski Sport Finland and Finland Snowboard Association.

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