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Ruka - guaranteed snow cover

Over 200 ski days a year makes Ruka one of Europe’s snow-sure ski resorts. The secret of the long ski season lies in the climate as well as in the high-quality snowmaking machinery and the snow-how.

Ruka ski season lasts from October until May

Ruka is the most snow-sure ski resort of Europe. The secret of guaranteed snow cover of Ruka lies in the favourable climate as well as in the top-notch snowmaking machinery and snow-how. 90 snow cannons of Ruka make 1250 cubic meters snow in an hour at best, meaning that in great snowmaking conditions it’s possible to open slopes within just one day of snowmaking. In addition to early season opening the snowmaking also ensures good ski conditions all the way to spring.

Snow storage

Ruka tested in the summer of 2016 new snow storage method in Saarua, slope number 13. During the winter snow cannons made several meters snow layer on the slope, which was run in the spring time for three large pile. Piles are covered with white gauze and partly sawdust. As a result, ski season starts in Ruka at the beginning of October, with 20 meters wide and half a meter thick layer of snow over the entire length of the slope.

Snowmaking machinery of Ruka

The snowmaking machinery of Ruka includes more than a hundred different kinds of snow cannons; the Technoalpin cannons as well as different kinds of Lance cannons. The Technoalpin snow cannons are transferable or stationary and they require only water to function as they have their own air compressor. The Lance cannons of Ruka are stationary and require water and air to function. The most important thing in snowmaking is the dew point, which has to be below -3 degrees in order to be able to make snow.


Ruka has decades of experience in making snow and has people working in snowmaking around the clock. The snowmaking personnel move the snow cannons according to the weather so that the snow sets on the wanted place. The machinery may also need to be melted or cleaned. It’s not uncommon for trash to be carried in to the filters of the cannons as the water comes from a lake. Due to this the filters may be changed as the cannons are moved. The stationary cannons are switched on and off according to the wind.

Over 200 ski day in winter

The ski season 2015-2016 starts October 12th at 11 am and last until May 9th 2016. The ski season 2014-2015 was opened on 17 October 2014 and it lasts all the way until May, giving over 200 ski days for the season. The last summer slope was on 9 June 2013 and thus the season total was 230 days. On the picture you can see the snowmaking situations and ski days for the past 20 years.

The current snowmaking situation you can see on the snowmaking page >